Vollcloud LLC terms of service

Vollcloud LLC terms of service

  • 2021-03-14
  • 17:48:00

"Independent server / VPS service contract" on this page is hereinafter referred to as "service contract". By purchasing any independent physical server / VPS product of vollcloud LLC, the customer agrees to this contract.

(1) Basic principles of using customers

01, respect and abide by the laws of Chinese mainland and server data centers.

02. It is forbidden to use vollcloud LLC services upload, download, store, distribute or engage in the following information or content, including but not limited to politics, religion, pornography, infringement, imitation, fraud, fishing, Trojan horse, illegal sale, illegal gambling, gambling, spam, social order, and the contents of policy prohibited by Chinese mainland and server data center.

03. It is forbidden to invade any system, data or data, and control the third-party puppet server to engage in illegal activities.

04. Destroy and affect other servers and network lines, try to blow up exhaustion, test vulnerability, injection, pressure test, etc.

05, send spam (spam), spam information (messages, posts), spread Trojans, viruses.

06. Violation of public order, public security, public morality and legal acts.

07. It is forbidden to set up the agent purpose (͜ V ͡ P ͡ n ͡ nature).

08. Other activities that are not clearly stated and declared but are actually illegal or illegal in nature.

09. Vollcloud LLC customers must provide at least one effective means of communication, such as telephone number, email address and QQ for normal communication. False information, such as 10 minute email and access platform account number, will be disabled or directly blocked.

10. Vollcloud LLC only provides direct customer service for customers, and does not authorize the so-called "purchasing on behalf" or "purchasing on behalf of a third party purchaser and transferring the use of other users". In case of any relevant problems, we will regard it as the active (or passive) behavior caused by the buyer (direct customer).

Tips: in case of breach of the above contract, vollcloud LLC will decide whether to terminate the service according to the situation, and any consequence or loss arising therefrom shall be borne by the user, and vollcloud LLC shall not bear any responsibility.


(2) Obligations and responsibilities of both parties

01. In addition to preferential (cheap) services, vollcloud LLC provides public network port access to the Internet. By default, vollcloud LLC provides 7 × 12 hour support services, including system installation, hardware maintenance, network testing, etc., with a comprehensive SLA of more than 99%.

02. In addition to preferential (cheap) business, vollcloud LLC provides standard data center environment, including 24-hour air conditioning, lighting, uninterrupted power supply, anti-static floor, etc.

03. Vollcloud LLC provides the functions of startup, shutdown, restart and self-service installation of operating system which are easy to manage.

04. Vollcloud LLC shall urge and follow up the corresponding data center to solve relevant problems as soon as possible in case of hardware, network and other problems when customers use the direct selling of computer room.

05. Users should be responsible for data security and integrity, use genuine software, properly store and regularly backup important data in other places. Vollcloud LLC has nothing to do with the loss caused by indirect or third-party deletion or damage.

06. The user needs to promise the contract (1) using the content that the customer promised not to carry out the following activities, you can freely enjoy vollcloud LLC's high-quality network and cost-effective experience outside the limited scope.

07. Unless otherwise agreed or agreed by both parties, vollcloud LLC has no right to copy, view or disseminate any information, software or data in the server.

08. In the case of access speed decline in local areas caused by blocking of Internet backbone network access, users should be regarded as normal.

09. In case of violation of (2) basic principles of using customers, the service may be terminated directly without refund.

10. Users are forbidden to publish web pages or services that are vulnerable to DDoS, CC and other types of attacks on defenceless models. Vollcloud LLC reserves the right to recover the losses if the network is unstable.

11. In order to ensure compatibility, the finished server hardware does not provide in situ upgrade and change.

12. The service price is the price of bare metal and international network. If you don't purchase the housekeeper service, you don't provide any technical support other than the server itself, including assisting in environment building, agent inspection and maintenance services.

13. The service price is the price of bare metal and international network, the response time of work order without purchasing butler service is within 7 * 12 hours, and the holidays are not fixed. If you buy butler service, you can negotiate related matters.

14. When the server is attacked by abnormal traffic, it needs to abide by the rules of the data center and wait for the IP to be unsealed, usually for 3 hours. If it is attacked many times, the time of unsealing will be postponed, or the service may be terminated.

15. In case of hardware failure (such as CPU, hard disk and memory), replace it within 12 hours, and replace the motherboard within 24 hours. (in case of hardware failure caused by the modification of BIOS by the customer, the customer shall bear the replacement cost and labor cost)

16. For the self operated server that has not been renewed due, it only promises to keep the data for 3 days, and it will not be within the scope of retention after 3 days. Please renew the direct sales of computer room in advance. If it is not renewed 24 hours after the expiration, it is not within the scope of reservation.

17. During use, you are not allowed to transfer the business of your current user account to another user account.

18. In the process of using the assigned IP, the user is blocked by any organization without assistance, and vollcloud LLC reserves the right to pursue the loss.

19. In the process of using the assigned IP, if the server is complained by any third party organization or company, vollcloud LLC will notify or directly block the IP according to the circumstances.

20: Vollcloud LLC does not have "native IP / local IP". If the third party IP home database is not updated in real time, it may be determined that the server IP is different from the physical home of the actual server, which is not a fraud or quality problem.


(3) Refund and collection contract

1. Vollcloud LLC's self operated monthly service cycle can be refunded, refunded and replaced three days before the service cycle. After deducting the service days (calculated as 30 days per month), it needs to deduct 50 yuan of labor service and off shelf fee. The annual customer only returns the fee within 10 months. The last two months of the service cycle is the free period, and there is no refund.

2. There will be no refund, refund or replacement after the delivery of the direct selling machine room.

3. These cases need negotiation or refusal of refund: 1) malicious trial server; 2) large network affected by DDoS attack; 3) violation of contract "(1) using customer's promise not to carry out the following activities"; 4) blocking by any organization in the process of using allocated IP. 5) 6) other complaints.

4. These cases can be unconditionally refunded in full: 1) any hardware failure leads to business interruption for more than 12 hours; 2) accumulated network failure for more than 8 hours in the service cycle (less than 99% of SLA); 3) other negotiation cases.

5. The system that can provide assistance for installation is: CentOS | Debian | Ubuntu | windows, which can specify partition or retain partition data. For other systems, please consult customer service for assistance.

6. In case of serious failure * the remaining money of the current month (or the current year) or the compensation time will be returned according to the actual situation, and the compensation standard is: the compensation within half a year is 1 month / more than half a year, including 2 months for more than one year.

7. If users need to use SMTP / POP3 / imap and other mail ports, they need to apply and pay a deposit: 500 yuan / set and promise not to carry out spam activities. If they are notified by anti spam organizations, they will not return the deposit.

*Serious fault description: server hardware failure or computer room continuous disconnection for more than 8 hours in the month, or data loss caused by hard disk damage. The fault caused by the customer is not included.


(4) Aff promotion contract (transaction price of dedicated server / VPS host × 15%)

1. If one person registers multiple accounts, uses illegal and cheating means to obtain promotion commission, it will be invalid once found.

2. Aff commission can only take effect one month after the completion of monthly payment cycle of business execution, that is, after the purchase and opening.

3, you can apply for withdrawals to Alipay or VoLLcloud LLC accounts at $50.


(5) Fraud and risk control scheme

1. In case of any of the following circumstances, it shall be regarded as the same person's purchase. If we apply for withdrawal of the promotion funds in the background, we have the right to refuse to pay and delete the association of the promotion account.

1) Continuous same login IP.

2) the same Alipay account (payment name) appears repeatedly or intermittently.

3) Or other evidence can prove that one or more accounts are used by one person.

2. In case of any of the following circumstances, the customer's information may be inquired, sealed, blocked in batches, forced to refuse and terminate the service, refunded, etc. in this case, the work order shall be submitted or the real and effective contents shall be updated actively.

1) Register vollcloud LLC account with temporary email and mobile phone number of code receiving platform.

2) One person can register multiple vest accounts.

3) Deliberately concealing, diverting or confusing information.

4) Re registration of vest after being blocked or refused service.

5) Vollcloud LLC can identify the suspected risk through comprehensive judgment.

3. If the customer's finance is inquired, sealed, compulsorily refunded or retained, etc.

1) Multiple accounts of different payers frequently appear in the transaction records under the same account number or the determined vest account number.

2) Recharge a large amount of deposit and do not consume for a long time, or consume after a long time.

3) Vollcloud LLC can identify the suspected risk through comprehensive judgment.


(6) Exemption clause

1. Due to the user's failure to renew or forgetting to renew the self operated business, and the initiative to apply for a refund (and successful refund), the service cannot be accessed (used) or the data is lost.

2. The direct selling service in computer room is unable to access (use) or lose data due to the user's non renewal or forgetting to renew the service, and the active application for refund (and successful refund).

3. The service cannot be accessed (used) or the data is lost due to the user's improper operation or other related behaviors.

4. The inaccessibility or data loss caused by the user's website content or use behavior in violation of the provisions of this service contract.

5. Due to war, armed conflict, strike, riot and other major social abnormal events, the data can not be accessed or lost.

6. Due to earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, wave, flood, locust disaster, storm, hail, sandstorm, volcanic eruption, landslide, avalanche, debris flow and other serious natural disasters, the data can not be accessed or lost.

7. Unless otherwise agreed and agreed, vollcloud LLC has no right to copy, view and disseminate any materials, software and data in the server. However, vollcloud LLC has the right to provide or suspend the service without prior notice to the customer if the administrative or judicial authorities require relevant information.

8. There is no such thing as "native IP / local IP". If the third-party IP home database is not updated in real time, it may be judged that the server IP is different from the physical home of the actual server, and the customer should adapt and regard it as normal.

By purchasing any independent physical server / VPS of vollcloud LLC, it means that it has agreed to this contract. Under the reasonable, fair, legal and compliant circumstances, both parties can further negotiate, but vollcloud LLC has the final right of interpretation.

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